TV-NAVI KIT is a very convenient product which allows the user to watch DVD videos and TV programs and also operate a car navigation system to set the destination during driving, by using its convenient on-hand switch.
The product is designed for safety so that any operation for the navigation while driving can automatically return to the normal control setting in a preset amount of time. Also, the compact design of the main body and the special connector make the installation much easier.

TV and DVD viewing and navigation while driving!
Both the TV and navigation functions easily controllable with a compact switch.
Equipped with the automatic resume function (The operation returns to normal operation automatically).
Easily installable with a special connector.

TV control unit
Navigation control unit
Compact switch
Signal connecting wire

  • The driver should never operate the navigation system or the attached switch while driving. It may cause an accident by neglecting looking ahead carefully.

  • This product is available for genuine factory-installed car navigation unit only, No available for any universal car navigation units in the market.

  • This product is neither a TV tuner nor a navigation system. In case the vehicle is not equipped with a TV tuner, even if this product is installed, the TV function does not work.

  • When the navigation switch is on, the information of the self-detected vehicle position and distances on the navigation screen (average speed, mileage, etc.) are inaccurate. Furthermore, after the system returns to the normal control, the amount of time required for the self-detected vehicle position to regain its accuracy, depends on the moving conditions and circumstances and the performance of the navigation.

  • This product cannot be used together with any other product such as TV-KIT, NAVI-KIT, and others.

  • The product number of this product varies depending on the vehicle model (model and year) on which the product will be installed, and the navigation system name. Please make sure to refer to the latest compatibility table.

  • We are not responsible for any accident involving a person or a property or any vehicle failure or damage that may be caused while using this product.

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