PRODUCT NAME Manual [ Japanese ] Manual [ English ] Repair
MIT350 [ manual download ] Available Available Available
MVC860 Available Available Available
ASE664 Available Unavailable Available
ASG63X Limited Available Unavailable Available
ASI65X-M2 Available Unavailable Available
OTHER ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT Available Unavailable Available
BODY KIT Available - -

MANUALS(Either in ENGLISH and in JAPANESE):The product which was sold by our dealer or our compamy at FREE. Postage is required.
Except above:JYE 2,500/pc for manual and JYE 500/shipment


The products which was sold by our dealer or our company within 1 year, Repair fee is FREE. User must pay for returning transportation cost.
Except above:Repair fee and round tranportation cost are charged.


Either VISA or MASTAR CARD are acceptable. (Telegraphic Transfer is acceptable in some cases.)

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